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Colored in Jazz

5/26/2016 A quick digital painting of the jazzy nature

I am not usually one to listen to jazz in the Springtime

KPLU and it's variety of swingin tunes are often reserved

for the windswept, drizzled days of November


on a chilled Tuesday night in May

I found it to be fantastically fitting for my drive home

and then a long wandering drive after that

I saw a video earlier that evening

on an artist who paints songs


She said


Others believed


It made 100% perfect sense to me

Music inspires movement and emotions of many hues

Every sense evokes another sense


She said

Was one of the prettiest sounds to paint

Rich oils of blue, red, gold, and of white

She got it right

I thought


Is colored by navy blue tones of a night sky

It wraps itself in texture of maroon, velvet curtains

This fabric too heavy for hot Summer days

But just right under a cool haze

Like the grey smoke you see dance over the band

In a movie

In your mind

It shines in the slice of light from a spotlight

Bouncing off the raising trumpet

Glimmers in a splash of white

The splatter you imagine liquid would make

flying off

A rattling cymbal

The splatter becomes the stars

The magic sparks in the dark room

of a jazz club

The sound of the radio becomes the echo

of the view out your windshield

the air across your skin

the swell in your chest

A moment in the night

colored in jazz

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