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My Brother and I

2/6/2016 My brother, Phil, stands under a carefully hung disco ball in the woods

On a not so cold winter evening, my brother and I found ourselves abandoned by the rest of our family. This is a common occurrence in the Cerna household. Although six adults live under one roof, plus the dog and sometimes me, it can take mere minutes for the place to empty out.

With no one home to eat dinner with, we found ourselves at Taco Time. It was a Saturday night and we had no plans, so of course I suggested we take some photos in the woods at night with weird props and things. My brother does not take long to dive into the adventurous, art mode that's why I enjoy him. We ran home, he grabbed his disco ball and pirate hat and off we went.

Here are a few shots from the adventure.

I think I have accidentally started a photo series...


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